My Game Plan, started in 2005 as Athlete Advising, was formed as a means to help Alaska soccer players.  Alaska produces quality players in all sports but college coaches don’t know, or see, Alaska players.  We wanted to do something about that.  We started to refer athletes to other agencies but quickly learned how ineffective and expensive they are.  We set out to create a system unlike others, based on two principles:

  • The importance of making personal contact with coaches
  • The importance of researching colleges in order to find the right fit for each student.

After building a library of information on the recruiting process, talking with a number of coaches about what they look for in recruiting, and building our database to match schools and athletes, we started helping students.  We quickly found the program to be effective beyond our expectations.  Every athlete in the program had contact with coaches, and within two years we went from a handful of signings to over forty seniors in one year getting commitments to college level play.  The national percentage of high school soccer players going to play at the college level is 3.1%; more than 10% of senior soccer players went on to play college soccer!  The program was proven successful for soccer and was soon requested for athletes of other sports.

In late 2007 we completed our new database, allowing us to offer the same service to athletes from all sports.  We expanded our consultation service to focus even more on college research and the admissions process.  A number of athletic groups, schools, programs and school counselors recognized that if Athlete Advising can work so well for Alaskans, it could easily work for student-athletes across the United States and internationally.

In 2008 My Game Plan was formed and moved to the national level, employing long-time educators and school counselors as area consultants and continuing the work of helping hundreds of student-athletes achieve their athletic and academic goals.

My Game Plan director Dan Rufner continues in his career as a high school guidance counselor while continually updating, researching, improving, and expanding the My Game Plan program to help as many students as My Game Plan can reach.  You are welcome to contact him directly by emailing